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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Energizing Foot Spa

Aqua-Chi Energizing Foot Bath 1. WHAT IS THE AQUA-CHI Energizing FOOT BATH? The Aqua-Chi machine energizes foot bath water with direct current to create energy in the water that has been shown to be bio-available to living tissue. It creates large quantities of negative ions, which are found to be healthy and helpful to the body. The energy is transferred into the body by a process called ionization and is used to increase overall cellular energy. Tests have shown that the body has an increase in negative ions after an Aqua-Chi foot bath.
2. HOW DOES IT WORK? Healthy cells require two basic things to perform their biological tasks: water and energy. Water is the basis of all biological functions; without it, there would be no life. Water is the medium through which all functions of the body are performed. Energy is required to fuel the cell, so it can do its tasks. Energy is needed for cells to stay healthy and vibrant. If cells are deprived of either water or energy, problems begin to occur and health is put at risk. Lower energy and vibrancy in the cells is associated with disease states. Aqua-Chi works by offering negatively charged ions to the tissues, so they can charge up and return to balanced, vibrant functioning. The person's own unique electrical body signals are present in the foot bath and dictate how these negative ions will be absorbed and used. Since the structural organization of the water and person's body are similar, the electrolytic charge produced in the water can be absorbed by the living tissue; this process is known as ionization. During the foot bath, it is common to see changes in the water color and consistency. This indicates transference is occurring between the energy in the water and your own tissues. It is different colors depending upon what toxins your body is giving off to the water. Over time, as your cellular health improves, there will be a less significant change in the water.
3. WHEN WOULD I USE THE AQUA-CHI Energizing Foot Bath? The foot bath is easy to use at anytime. If you are currently experiencing some health challenges, this is an easy, effective way of helping your cells and tissues regain their healthy function. If you are recovering from illness or trauma, Aqua-Chi will help support the body for its healing to occur. Many people use Aqua-Chi as part of their health maintenance program, to ensure their cells are energized to their fullest. Initially, a series of several sessions over 3—4 weeks should help restore healthy function in the cells. It is recommended that the maximum frequency for taking this foot bath is once every second day, although most people would find this too intense a series. Then, maintenance sessions of one or two sessions every month or so should help maintain the cell's inner vibrancy.
4. WHAT ARE THE CAUTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS WITH THIS TREATMENT? For most people, the Aqua-Chi Energizing foot bath is a safe treatment. However, those not well hydrated will not get the full benefit from these sessions, as they rely on normal water levels within and outside the cells. So, having adequate water and fluid intake in the days leading to a treatment is very important. Certain people must NOT take this treatment at any time: pregnant women, anyone with transplanted organs and those with an electronic implant (such as a pacemaker) should avoid this treatment. If you are not sure whether you should take this treatment, ask your therapist first.


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Aqua-Chi Energizing Foot Bath 1. WHAT IS THE AQUA-CHI Energizing FOOT BATH? The Aqua-Chi machine energizes foot bath water with ... ffootspa.blogspot.com