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Friday, August 3, 2012


Melon Mojito

2 cups cubed Honeydew Melon (I like to freeze mine)

1 cup cubed English Cucumber
1 cup coconut water (I freeze this into cubes too!)
12 fresh mint leaves
3 Tbsp fresh lime juice
Agave or honey squirt
Blend until smooth.
Makes 2 servings.
95 calories per serving.
Watermelon Breeze

3 cups cubed chilled watermelon
1 cup coconut water

squeeze of fresh lime
Ice if needed
Sprig of mint
Put all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth.
Makes two servings.
90 calories per serving.                                          

Lavender Cooler

Servings: Makes about 16 servings

3 cups sugar
7 sprigs lavender (stems and buds), plus additional for garnish*
2 cups fresh lemon juice (from about 12 lemons)
1/2 cup fresh lime juice (from about 5 limes)

In a large saucepan, bring one gallon of water and the sugar to a boil. Remove from heat; add 7 lavender sprigs and lemon and lime juices. Cool to room temperature, strain, and chill. Serve on ice, with additional lavender for garnish.

* If unavailable, substitute fresh basil or lemon thyme.
Thursday, August 2, 2012

Parasites! Ridding Your Body of Unwanted Parasites

Many of us have unwanted "dinner guests" inside our bodies called
parasites. They range from critters like hookworms, pinworms and tapeworms, to single-celled organisms like giardia, H. pyloria and candida albicans. Learn about natural options for evicting these unwanted guests inside.
Look What Came with Dinner!
Ridding Your Body of Unwanted Parasites
When most of us think of parasites hideous images come to mind, such as ten foot tape worms being coaxed out of human hosts-or starving children in third world countries with swollen bellies. But, not all parasites are giant worms, many are microscopic, single-celled organisms. Furthermore, parasites aren't limited to people living in third-world countries. Many people in North American also have problems with parasites and don't realize it.
People can pick up parasites from food, water or pets, or through the skin or mucus membranes. Fortunately, where clean food and water are the norm, odds are very small that people will have a serious parasite problem. However, as more and more food is coming out of third-world countries, parasite problems are on the rise.
Furthermore, if you have pets or animals with parasites, there is a high probability that you have them, too. It's also easy to pick up parasites while traveling in foreign countries. So, if you've experienced a change in your health after traveling, parasites may be the reason.
Diagnosing Parasite Problems
Once parasites are in the body, they can be very hard to diagnose. A stool analysis mayor may not reveal their presence because a particular sample may not contain them. In fact, parasite problems are often so evasive to standard medical investigation that no one can accurately estimate how much of the population may be afflicted.
Fortunately, pinworms are one of the easier parasites to detect because they cause rectal itching. If one examines the rectal area at night with a flashlight, the worms appear as white threads at the anal opening. Other symptoms include: nervousness, inability to concentrate, lack of appetite and unusual dark circles around the eyes.
Take precautions to prevent pinworms from spreading by washing bed linens, bed clothes and underwear of the entire family, having the infected child take daily morning showers to remove eggs deposited in the rectal region during the night, disinfecting toilet seats, bathtubs, sinks and door handles daily, and being sure everybodywashes their hands (and fingernails) before meals. Clean cat litter boxes daily. Also, avoid a diet high in sugar and other junk food, which gives parasites more to feed on.
Whipworms and hookworms are less common, but pose a more serious threat to human health. Whipworms inject a fluid which, liquefies colon tissue so the worms can ingest it. This creates severe nutritional deficiencies and infectiotns.
Hookworms bite and suck on the intestinal wall, causing bleeding and destroying tissue. This can be severe enough to cause
death. Since they consume iron, they cause severe anemia, which can help in detecting them.
Natural therapies for nematodes include garlic enemas or suppositories, Para-Cleanse, Artemesia Combination, High Potency Protease and Herbal Pumpkin.
Other parasites may actually be more dangerous to one's health, but tapeworms (Taenia saginata-beef tapeworm and T.
solium-pork tapeworm) are emotionally disturbing because of their size. Tapeworms require an intermediate host, so they are usually ingested by eating improperly cooked beef, pork or fish.
Tapeworms are composed of 3,000 to 4,000 segments per worm. New segments are formed near the head, and the ones on the end are cast off with egg packets. When passed, these segments look like grains of uncooked rice or cucumber seeds. This is one of the ways they can be diagnosed. Other symptoms of tapeworms include diarrhea or constipation-or alternating diarrhea and constipation. Some people lose weight with tapeworms, but it is more common for the host to be overweight and retaining water. Tapeworms raise blood sugar levels, cause anemia and interfere with vitamin B12 uptake.
Natural therapies for tapeworms include Para-Cleanse, Herbal Pumpkin, Artemesia Combination and High Potency Protease. Fasting on raw pineapple has helped in destroying them. Raw fig juice and pumpkin seeds have also proven helpful.
Giardia lamblia
This single celled organism is the most common cause of waterborne disease in the United States. It is picked up by drinking or swallowing contaminated water. Because giardia forms cysts that are not destroyed by chlorination, they must be filtered from water.
Symptoms of giardia include diarrhea, gas, upset stomach or stomach cramps, nausea and/or greasy stools that tend to float. Symptoms usually appear 7-14 days after exposure. Goldenseal and Activated Charcoal are helpful natural remedies for giardia.
Yeast and Fungus
Various strains of yeast and fungus (such as Candidaalbicans) can be considered parasites because they weaken intestinal membranes and make them more permeable. They also weaken the immune system. Yeast overgrowth is very common after a person has had several rounds of antibiotics. It can also occur from chemotherapy and other drugs, which damage friendly bacteria in the intestines. Candida Clear, Yeast/Fungal Detox, Caprylimune, High Potency Garlic and pau d'arco are good remedies for fungal infections. Probiotics, such as Probiotic Eleven or Bifidophilus Flora Force help prevent both yeast and bacterial infections.
We don't usually think of bacteria as parasites, but strains such as H pylori can function as parasites because they are involved in the development of ulcers. The balance of bacteria in the intestines also plays a role in keeping the gut from being susceptible to invasion from other parasites. Probiotics help keep harmful bacteria in check in the intestines and High Potency Garlic, GastroHealth and Goldenseal/Echinacea are good remedies for getting rid of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract.
Evict Those Unwanted Dinner Guests
If you or your doctor determines that you have parasites, you should waste no time in evicting them. Even if you haven't been diagnosed with parasites, it may be helpful to do a periodic parasite cleanse-especially if you have pets or animals, recently traveled to a foreign country, or have a chronic illness that seems to linger no matter what you do. Here are some options.
Para-Cleanse: A Pre-Packaged Parasite Cleanse
Para-Cleanse is a convenient and effective parasite cleansing program. It contains Herbal Pumpkin Combination, Paw Paw Cell-Reg, Black Walnut ATC Concentrate and Artemesia Combination. Para-Cleanse can help to remove worms, yeast, bacteria and other parasites from the intestinal tract.
Para-Cleanse is a 10-day program. To use it, take the contents of one packet (6 capsules) 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes before dinner daily for 10 days. Drink one glass (8 ounces) of water with each pack. After consuming one box of Para-Cleanse, wait seven days, then do a second round of the program.
The idea behind this is that the first cleanse removes the parasites and the break in-between allows any eggs to hatch so that the second cleanse removes any newly-hatched parasites. Cleansing for longer than this is not recommended and it is a good idea to follow up with a round of probiotics after the cleanse to help repopulate the friendly intestinal flora. Para-Cleanse is not recommended for children under the age of 12 or for pregnant women or nursing mothers.
You can also use the individual components of Para-Cleanse for specific parasite problems. Several of these remedies can be taken over longer periods of time and are safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers and younger children.
Herbal Pumpkin
This traditional parasite cleansing formula utilizes two gentle antiparasitic remedies: pumpkin seeds and black walnut. This formula helps get rid of worms and has a soothing effect on the digestive tract. It can also be helpful for prostate problems. It is safe for children, pets, pregnant women and nursing mothers. The normal dosage is 2 capsules one to three times per day.
Artemesia Combination
This is a more potent antiparasitic formula because it contains wormwood and mugwort. These powerful antiparasitic herbs are not recommended for children, pregnant women or nursing mothers. Arternesia Combination also contains elecampane, clove buds, garlic, ginger, turmeric root and olive leaf. It can be helpful for nematodes, yeast and bacteria and even for tapeworms when taken in higher doses. The normal dosage is also 2 capsules three times per day. For tapeworms you may have to double the dose.
Yeast/Fungal Detox
This blend is targeted at yeast, but it also helps knock down infectious bacteria and has a mild antiparasitic effect. It makes the intestinal environment less friendly for other parasites. The
ingredients are caprylic acid, sodium propionate, sorbic acid, Echinacea purpurea root, oregano, garlic, pau d' arco, selenium and zinc. Many of these ingredients also build general immunity.
Paw Paw Cell-Reg
This is a standardized extract of acetogenins from the American paw paw tree. Acetogenins are very effective antiparasitic remedies because they destroy the ability of bacteria, viruses, yeast and other organisms to reproduce. They do this by depriving them of the energy they require for replication. The inclusion of Paw Paw Cell-Reg in the Para-Cleanse program is what makes it one of the strongest natural antiparasitic programs in the marketplace. Paw Paw Cell-Reg is also used for cancer. It should be used with with professional supervision with pregnant women, nursing mothers or children under the age of 12.
Black Walnut
Black Walnut is frequently used for parasites, as it is believed to help kill their eggs. Its high iodine content may be part of the reason it is effective against a variety of microbes and parasites. It is one of the best antiparasitic remedies for children and is available in liquid form. Black Walnut is also a good remedy for parasites in pets. It can be safely taken for long periods of time.
Other Anti-Parasitic Remedies
In addition to the Para-Cleanse and its ingredients, here are some other useful antiparasitic remedies.
Gastro Health
This blend contains pau d' arco, cloves, elecampane and licorice, which were tested and proven effective against H pylori bacteria believed to be responsible for ulcers. Gastro Health not only helps ulcerations to heal, it also helps to rid the GI tract of other parasites and bacteria. It encourages the growth of friendly bacteria, which help protect against parasites, too.
Candida Clear
Like the Para-Cleanse, Candida Clear is a pre-packaged program that helps to rid the body of yeast and fungal parasites. It can also be helpful for bacteria and other invaders as well. It contains pau d' arco, Caprylic Acid Combination, Yeast Fungal Detox and special enzymes which are taken between meals. These enzymes are very helpful in getting rid of other parasites besides yeast.
Single Herbs
In addition to black walnut, two orher herbs are very helpful for evicting parasites. Goldenseal is recognized in the Materia Medica of many countries as an effective remedy for giardia. The required dose is high-lO grams per day (about 20 capsules) for ten days.
Activated Charcoal can also be helpful for dealing with diarrhea. Raw garlic is a potent antiparasitic agent and also works on intestinal fungal and bacterial infections. It is used for worms (pinworms, roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms), giardia, amoebic dysentery and yeast. A garlic enema is an effective way to get rid of worms. High Potency Garlic can also be used as a suppository.
Other antiparasitic herbs include cloves, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and horsetail. Raw almonds (with skins), raw carrots,
raw onions, raw papaya, figs, cucumbers and lemon water are other helpful remedies for parasites, especially in children.
Additional Tips
During any parasite cleansing program, it is helpful to avoid simple sugars, alcohol and caffeine. Enzymes such as High Potency Protease and an herbal laxative like LBS II may also prove helpful in flushing out parasites. Always drink plenty of water, too. Since family members unwittingly share parasites with each other, best results are obtained when all family members do a parasite cleanse at the same time. If you have pets, it may be a good idea for you to do a parasite cleanse for both your pets and your family once or twice a year.
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