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The HC Wellness Center offers both traditional and alternative therapies to assist clients in achieving optimal health, wellness and balance. Featuring as its principle service Colon Hydrotherapy, formerly seen only at fine spas and destination resorts, HC Wellness Center & Spa is one of the first to offer this valuable wellness service to the Charlotte Metropolitan and surrounding areas. HC Wellness Center & Spa is a premier North Carolina spa providing the most luxurious, and beneficial wellness and beauty services available to the Charlotte Metropolitan and surrounding areas. Established in 2004 with the vision of combining traditional spa treatments, that promote relaxation and well being, with the most advanced skin, body and wellness services. The HC Spa supplies a moment of luxury for your body, mind and spirit. Here nature and science meet harmoniously as the finest massage, skin care and spa treatments await you.
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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Classroom Survival Guide.....
When kids head back to school they bring home more than homework! They bring back lots of germs. Those germs wreak havoc on immune systems and cause runny noses, coughs, colds, and flu. If germs are the villain then who is our hero? How can we stop the nefarious germs from beating down our immune systems?? There is a super power that we all have and that super power is super easy...proper hand washing and boosting our immunity! Hand washing is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy and to minimize your exposure to the germs that can make you sick. WAIT! - While you might think it’s time to stock up on hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap, these things could do more harm than good. Antibacterial soaps and sanitizers actually kill the good bacteria along with the bad. This ends up weakening our immune systems by killing off the good bacteria, which leaves us exposed to sickness—what we were trying to avoid in the first place! In order to avoid you or your kiddo's from getting sick, as everyone heads back to school, boosting immunity is essential. About 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. This means that the state of your gut directly impacts the state of your immune system. Other factors besides germs can also weaken the immune systems of you and your children. Poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, and even genetics play a role in the condition of your gut, which also changes the condition of your immune system. Probiotics play a crucial role in helping you maintain gut health by flooding your gut with good bacteria to help control the bad bacteria.
Send your kids back to school without worrying whether you’re taking enough precautions to ward off harmful germs. The best way to stay healthy is by preventing sickness and that starts with boosting immunity and washing your hands. Follow these 5 simple immunity boosting tips that helped reduce school absenteeism by 25%:

  1. Wash Your Hands - When your kids and teens go to school and bring home germs hand washing can help keep everyone in your home healthy. Teach everyone in your home to wash their hands the right way and at the right times. Don't forget about sneezing and blowing your nose too.
  2. Daily Probiotic - The human body relies on a healthy level of probiotics for numerous functions, including metabolizing foods, absorbing nutrients and maintaining a proper balance of intestinal flora. Probiotic microbes have a symbiotic relationship with their human hosts—both the probiotics and the humans benefit from their relationship. It is estimated that over 400 different types of normal flora inhabit the human gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts. Studies have shown that children age 1 to 6 years old who attended day care centers and were given milk containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus missed fewer days of day care than children not receiving the probiotic. Studies have also shown that a healthy intestinal bacterial colonization may reduce the risk of food allergies in infants. Researchers have also found that probiotics aid digestion. Each chewable tablet of Sunshine Heroe's Probiotic Power contains 1 billion friendly cultures from 11 strains of probiotics.
  3. Daily Multi - Sunshine Heroe's Multi Vitamin & Mineral provides 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamins & contains protector shield blend, a whole food blend of 17 fruits and vegetables. Protector shield blend provides choline, inositol, and 10 amino acids - essential nutrients for growing children.Pediatricians recommend a daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement for children who may not eat regular, well-balanced meals with lots of fresh, whole foods; picky eaters; children with high activity levels; children who eat a lot of fast food and processed foods; children who eat dairy-free or other restricted diets; and children who may drink a lot of carbonated sodas, which can leach nutrients from the body.
  4. Eat Your Rainbow - If your goal is to boost immunity, then increasing your fruits and veggie intake will help. One way is by increasing Vitamin C, which gives your immune system a huge boost, while also helping to ward off any existing colds or sickness. Did you know that Vitamin C is an antioxidant? This makes it beneficial in detoxifying the body to remove harmful toxins that can disrupt your gut health. Vitamin C is primarily known for its immune-boosting benefits, but it also helps relieve stress and boost skin health. There are so many reasons to increase your Vitamin C!
  5. Drink Your Water - The best way to flush out your system is by drinking your water! This also keeps you hydrated and your energy levels up!
One of our Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power offers friendly flora for the intestinal and immune systems. It supports, aids, and strengthens the digestive and immune systems all in a tasty chewable tablet for kids.
Sunshine Heroes Vitamin & Mineral is especially formulated for children. Tasty, soft chews provide needed vitamins and minerals.Contains a proprietary blend of whole foods and micronutrients. Supplies antioxidants and phytochemical nutrients & ensures growing bodies get adequate amounts of vital nutrients.

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