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The HC Wellness Center offers both traditional and alternative therapies to assist clients in achieving optimal health, wellness and balance. Featuring as its principle service Colon Hydrotherapy, formerly seen only at fine spas and destination resorts, HC Wellness Center & Spa is one of the first to offer this valuable wellness service to the Charlotte Metropolitan and surrounding areas. HC Wellness Center & Spa is a premier North Carolina spa providing the most luxurious, and beneficial wellness and beauty services available to the Charlotte Metropolitan and surrounding areas. Established in 2004 with the vision of combining traditional spa treatments, that promote relaxation and well being, with the most advanced skin, body and wellness services. The HC Spa supplies a moment of luxury for your body, mind and spirit. Here nature and science meet harmoniously as the finest massage, skin care and spa treatments await you.
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Why I started Colonics!

“What is a colonic?” 
Excellent question, I found out about colonics in the early 90's when I was suffering from a host of digestive problems.  I was in a book store and on the wall was a business card that sounded like something that would help me.  We didn't have the internet so it was a blind faith judgement that got me to a colon hydrotherapist and that was the beginning of my journey to better health.

I first started getting colonics as needed or as I like to call it allopathic medicine the way you would see a regular physician.  I soon found out that as it helped me I still was not getting the results I wanted or needed to completely heal my inner workings.

That is when I found out that in order to heal I would need to step up my sessions to allow the colon to be free of the years of abuse  I had subjected it to.
Picture of the Colon
Colonics Explained
 A colonic is all about cleansing the bowel, specifically the large intestines. The bowels  are one of the major elimination systems of the body, and when we cleanse out toxins we remove that which could be perpetuating illness.

When one gets a colonic (also referred to as receiving “colon hydrotherapy”), filtered water is slowly released into the large intestine via the rectum. Once inside the body, the water can soften waste matter on the intestinal walls. As the waste matter softens, it can then be released on the outflow of water. Do this process repeatedly, and recent waste as well as built up waste from days, months, even years prior can be dislodged. Remove the toxins (and possible encrustation of waste on your gut walls) and you just might experience greater health!

Once the toxins are out, your body has the potential to go to new heights of healing!

Needless to say I have been able to overcome a lot of the health issues I had 20 some years ago and I still maintain at least one colonic a month as maintenance. 

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